Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Real Australian Terrier

australian terrier beauty
The Australian Terrier also known as the 'Aussie' isn't a little harmless doggy like you would think nowadays, it was and still is a real hunter with a lot of courage to attack almost any animal like foxes and rats. They were real fox hunters and therefore they were really appreciated in the UK for their foxhunting skills.

The Australian Terrier is one of the smallest dogs in the Terrier Group. The race was first presented as the Rough-Coated Terrier in 1933 and later became the australian terrier we know now. The Australian Terrier is the perfect familydog and is very playful, curious. They're really loyal to their owners and can live up to 15 years, if taken good care of.

The Australian Terrier can be held in an appartement, but they must go out for a walk at least once a day. They shouldn't roam free because they're really kean on hunting, and could run away when your destracted.

Height: 9-11 inches (23-28)
Weight 9-14 pounds (4-6 kilos)

Litter size: 4 puppies

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