Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Australian Terrier Puppy

More puppies more joy! I couldn't resist to post more images of these adorable dogs. Australian Terrier Puppies are just so cute! Look in those eyes...

adorable australian terrier
little australian terrier puppies
cute australian terrier pups

lovely australian terrier pups

Australian Silky Terrier Breeders

Australian Silky Terrier Breeders
If you want to buy yourself a Australian Silky Terrier, then you will need to find a trustable breeder. So you will need to be informed about the average price for one. The price that you can expect for an Australian Silky Terrier is from 400$ to 800$ for a puppy. This price is really low for a new family member!

Before you buy a silky terrier or any other dog you should really, really think about it. You should ask yourself several questions like: Can I take the dog out each day? What should I do with the dog when I'm on vacation? and so on...

And it's really known that silky terriers are dogs with alot of temper and are used to bark alot. Of course not every dog has these negative characteristics.

If you want learn more about the Silky Australian Terrier, then I recommend you this book. It's suited for everyone from the modest owner to the professional breeder.

Australian Terriers Breeders

Australian Terriers Breeders Puppies

Breeding with these dogs is as easy as breeding rabbits I would say. You find a male and a girl Australian Terrier dog. Then you put them together and then you wait until they know each other. This could be some days or weeks before they really love each other, but mostly it will be love on first sight juts like any other kind of dog that meets another one. Be ready because you will have little puppies and those are great moments as an owner of an Australian Terrier.

Australian Silky Terriers

Australian Silky Terriers Smile
A new specie evolved from the Australian Terrier. With a bit a help from the Yorkshire Terrier. This ten pound dog is a real house dog, he's just like the owner of the dog. If he's happy the dog is happy, if the owner doesn't like someone then he doesn't like him either and that's a big problem for that person. Just like the normal Australian Terrier it is a very loyal dog with a lot of courage and full of joy.

Australian Terrier Puppies

Australian Terrier pup
Australian Terrier Puppies
Australian Terrier puppies are always great to have and certainly for a big Australian Terrier fan. They are so little and so cute. Playful, nasty, loyal..and that isn't all, they are just the perfect dogs to have. You can bring them everywhere with you and even on your vacation. They even free you of unwanted animals like mouses. With there little size they are just perfect to have them in your flat or little house. Your dog becomes just like you, if you're happy he is happy. The best skill about this dog is that he could adapts himself to any environment without any effort.

The Real Australian Terrier

australian terrier beauty
The Australian Terrier also known as the 'Aussie' isn't a little harmless doggy like you would think nowadays, it was and still is a real hunter with a lot of courage to attack almost any animal like foxes and rats. They were real fox hunters and therefore they were really appreciated in the UK for their foxhunting skills.

The Australian Terrier is one of the smallest dogs in the Terrier Group. The race was first presented as the Rough-Coated Terrier in 1933 and later became the australian terrier we know now. The Australian Terrier is the perfect familydog and is very playful, curious. They're really loyal to their owners and can live up to 15 years, if taken good care of.

The Australian Terrier can be held in an appartement, but they must go out for a walk at least once a day. They shouldn't roam free because they're really kean on hunting, and could run away when your destracted.

Height: 9-11 inches (23-28)
Weight 9-14 pounds (4-6 kilos)

Litter size: 4 puppies

The First Australian Terriers Club

great australian terrier

The first clubs for the Australian Terrier began to rise in Australia and the popularity of this new specie began to rise with it. Even America and the UK wanted to have these little dogs, so they where transported from Australia to these countries. However this specie wasn't accepted as a new specie in England until 1933. The American fans of "Aussie" needed to wait over 27 years (1960).

History Of The Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier also called "Aussie", was born out different kinds of terriers species. These terriers came from Great-Britain and wereboard onto big ships to Australia. The great majority of the terriers where Cairn, Skye and Dandie Dinmont Terriers and other kinds of terriers from England, Ireland and even Scotland. These terriers that went to Australia have created the new specie called the Australian Terrier. Here you can see some of the specie that ultimately leaded to "Aussie".

Dandie DinmontManchester TerrierIrish Terrier
Dandie Dinmont TerrierManchester TerrierIrish Terrier